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My Experinces

2008-05-11 09:34:48 by l3al3yT

I would like to share my experiences so far I have in the Video Game Development World. Well when I was 14 I got interested in this program called Byond which then led to me wanting to learn VB6.0. Well I started to when I seen vbGORE and started playing around with it, but didn't get very far. So I make some dumb moves and go for C++, I happened to learn some of it and start some text based games, only console applications though.

I stopped for a while and just practiced making up stories, I had one successful story that I liked, but never finished it, it's only one the prologue stage. Then I started working on game design documents, I am pretty good at organizing and coming up with creative ideas for video games. Takes me only an hour and I can have a whole idea thought up and in the next day I can have half the GDD done. When I turned 15 I started doing GDDs for other indie game developers for no price at all, and that gave me an opening to good jobs in the indie industry, but I fucked it up by stopping and getting into gangs and other teenage drama.

Thought it was cool to do before, but now I am trying to clean up my life and trying to get out of that lifestyle and that's mostly why I came here. Learn flash, make a couple games, try to get sponsors and make some money, start my life over.

I am now 16 and almost there, it'll take lots of effort and more doing than saying. Wish me luck!

~ BaByT

Here's the link to the prologue I made a while ago,



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