Came up with a conclusion!

2008-05-14 22:46:56 by l3al3yT

I have been messing around with Adobe Flash Cs3 Professional recently, even my post with my newest and first creation, yes crappy but still something. It's about my bus driver. She pissed me off today, all I did was throw a bottle cap from lunch at her face. I was in the last seat and chucked it at her mirror and it hit her right in the face. {LOL}

Aside from that, instead of going right to learning Action Script 3.0, I think I should just stick to making animations about anything, to get some fame here at newgrounds and other sites, even a little practice with Flash and how it works. Maybe in the near future after I am ready I'll get into Game Development with Flash.

Wish Me Luck

~ BaByT

{Keep checking my account to see if I submit anything}


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2008-05-14 23:24:48

Good luck.


2008-05-17 02:45:53

Good Idea.

Don't code untill you know animation like the back of your hand.


2008-06-01 22:05:52

saw your message on the Tank thread.. drop me a line on mystifum [at] gmail and I'll be happy to answer any questions for you (or at least show you where the answers are)



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