New upload, but wait.. it's not an animation..

2008-06-24 10:14:31 by l3al3yT

Hey NewGrounders!

This is one last blog before I leave for 2 weeks! Now you're probably looking at the title saying, "WTF! I thought this was an animation profile only!".

Well here's a small twist, before animation I was practicing C++ and C#, as well as other languages. Well I got tired of it a bit and wanted to try something new, AKA animation. Well as I had free time a couple days ago, I did go outside and spend time with my friends, but after that I came inside and was looking through the files for Microsoft Visual Studio (MSVS) 2005 Standard Edition and found a file that's named PrehistoricMerchants.

Then I remembered, I made that a while ago. I was going to create a text RPG for more practice in C++ then recreate it in C#. Well I don't know why I stopped developing it so damn early but I did. It's just basic input and output and I decided to back to programming, but train my art skills and animations skills like planned. So here's this plan. Still going to work on my new animation series, but mix it in with what I had planned for PrehistoricMerchants and use this series as a look at for what the game will taste like, then in future work up to graphics for the game!

You can download the .exe of PrehistoricMerchant at, blic/profile/view-portfolio.php?coder=

I love computers! Thank you Bill Gates!

Everyone reading this; have a good summer and see you in 2 weeks!



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