What You Been Doing?

2008-10-30 17:07:03 by l3al3yT

Well, give me some time here for you to read and find out!

Let me start out with the rhymes I been writing.

I been working on multiple songs, these songs are already named and ready to be recorded, "Life Is A Trial", "War Is What I Bring", "Green Mask Music" & "Click, Clack & Bang". These will be the last songs until my mixtape is finished in 2009 around April.

I never really did explain what my music is really about and why I am in the rap hustle.

My music is about life, either my life or a life of a close someone that should be looked over. Also, I do write some club songs, but even then I write about someone or myself. I think it's important to write about life, there's so much in this life time write now that needs to be fixed and aren't being fixed. They say it is by more police, but I believe that even the police are more criminal than others. So I really want to make music and get it out there for some day someone will get my message and try to change the world or at least help their hood.

I been working very hard on my lyrics, writing something new or editing what I have already written. I freestyle everyday on my own time, but even at school I'm in class writing something hot. I am soon to get in a studio once I get some gwop gathered. Once I am done with the titles listed above I'll be in the studio working on my Greensylvania mixtape.

My mixtape will have 10 tracks maybe more. With two bonus tracks of execlusive freestyles with one video.

Well, that's enough with this. Keep supporting my music and my name and wish me some luck!


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