Updated Biography

2008-11-09 09:12:02 by l3al3yT

Tyler Moyer was born in Allentown, PA. on January 2nd 1992.

Tyler's rap career all started when he first was introduced to the "Slim Shady LP" CD in elementary School. He wouldn't just listen to the beat, he'd listen to the lyrics and understand the messages. He then started to freestyle on his own wanting to some day be an MC.

In middle school Tyler met Rafeal Roman who also was into freestyling. Tyler and Rafeal started to write together and dreamed of some day being in the studio making a mix tape.

In early 2008 Tyler had made friends with Andres Topia who produces his own beats and has his own label. Tyler has been collaborating with him ever since and is now part of Bolssillo Records.

Late in 2009 Tyler's goal is to have a 10 track mix tape released to the public on iTunes, emusic & amazon.com.


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